10 hours ago

    BitPay Launches Support for Ethereum Payments

    [NEWS 🔊] BitPay announced that it will soon start accepting payments in ETH. ⚡ "This truly opens up a new…
    15 hours ago

    Galatasaray Announces Fan Token in Partnership with Socios

    [NEWS 🔊] Galatasaray announced the launch of fan tokens based on Ethereum in partnership with blockchain startup Socios. Don't miss…
    4 days ago

    Banco Santander Issues $20 Million End-to-End Blockchain Bond

    Spanish banking giant Banco Santander has issued the first end-to-end blockchain bond. According to the bank, they’re the first to…
    6 days ago

    Pundi X Reveals BOB, a New Blockchain Phone

    [NEWS 🔊] Pundi X announced the smartphone BOB, the 'first entirely powered by blockchain'. Users can switch between blockchain and…

    Editor's Pick

      July 19, 2019

      Blockchain & AI: Enhancing the User Experience while Ensuring Data Privacy

      🔊 Up next on our AI & Blockchain series… AI is no longer a futuristic idea - it is present…
      July 11, 2019

      Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency – 3 Weeks In

      [NEWS 🔊] It's been 3 weeks since Facebook announced Libra, their crypto powered by blockchain. 🌏Check out how countries are…
      June 14, 2019

      Bristol City Council is Fighting Climate Change With Blockchain

      [NEWS 🔊] Bristol City Council is deploying blockchain in the fight to become carbon neutral by 2030! Together with EnergiMine,…
      April 11, 2019

      Property Tokenization: The Digital Future of Real Estate Investment

      🔑Property tokenization is seen as a game-changer for the real estate industry. The benefits? Liquidity, efficiency and transparency. These pioneers…
      March 5, 2019

      Blockchain’s Role in Developing Smart Cities

      While the world is going through a global #ClimateStrike in hope for more #sustainability, Dubai, Estonia, Sweden, India and Singapore…
      February 25, 2019

      5 Security Token Platforms That Are Worth Your Attention

      From issuance to liquidity - the long climb to success for security tokens. 💥 The Blockchain Land team selected 5…

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