Blockchain technology is impacting all industries, and finance has not been left behind. If you are curious about new technologies, keeping up with the trend on your field is a must. The finance industry touches cryptocurrencies, government regulation on crypto trading, trade finance regulation, and much more. The world of ICOs and cryptocurrencies are very controversial and the trade finance’s ability to keep up continues to generate doubt while the world waits for the U.S SEC approval, or for the India’s crypto ban to be removed, for example. Not to mention the growing potential for disruption as cryptos are looking to invest in other fields such as money remittance.

Therefore, while some countries send positive signals by adapting their strategy and making exciting developments, other actors on the market exercise caution and prefer to regulate the market. Follow the latest developments to understand how the world is adapting to cryptocurrencies, online trading platforms, wallets and ICOs. If you are a blockchain enthusiast, or an avid trader, you will find all you need to know here.