Blockchain Gaming Platform Enjin Goes Live on Ethereum

A number of blockchain gaming projects are being watched closely in the space, with gaming tipped as an industry that could massively accelerate mainstream blockchain adoption. One of them is Enjin, a platform that aims to make it easier for game developers to create in-game economies and assets with out-of-game value.

Enjin, says “for more than two years,” it’s been working “around the clock,” to develop its gaming ecosystem with easy-to-use products built on next-generation blockchain infrastructure. On February 18, Enjin announced the Enjin Platform is now finally live on the Ethereum mainnet.

The platform is an “all-in-one,” blockchain development platform that allows even those with basic technology skills to create and manage blockchain-based, or tokenized, assets. Its “Web Panel” allows the simple creation of fungible and non-fungible blockchain-based tokens without any coding expertise required.

The announcement reads:

At a core level, the Platform democratizes the ability to create, mint and manage next-generation blockchain assets.

The platform is not just for game publishers. It allows users to create collections of digital art or tokenized memes right through to web-based applications or video games. Tokenized assets created with the platform and within its projects will have an ENJ token value per asset and on-chain blockchain attributes as well as off-chain data like an asset’s image or description.

Once you have started to create blockchain-based assets with Enjin, you can then “mint” them into circulation as you need them.

Enjin says for game development that there are “four new gaming industry technological advancements.” These are, the ability to design and build “decentralized gaming multiverses,” funding via a “blockchain crowdfunding model,” monetization by allowing a “transfer fee” when game items are traded peer-to-peer or sold on third-party marketplaces, and the potential to “gamify your marketing.”

Early adopters of the Enjin platform have already been working on “amazing game mechanics,” says Enjin. We know that BlockPegnio, for example, has been building an open-world RPG, “The Six Dragons,” which has recently gone into alpha testing. The game was showcased by Enjin at a gaming conference early in 2019 and will have over 300 unique blockchain-based items.

In its recent announcement, Enjin says the platform launch takes it closer to completing its blockchain ecosystem, adding:

“While our products are forged in gaming, we’ve seen everything from a creative wave of blockchain assets created by the amazing Enjin community members, to technological giants utilizing Enjin-powered blockchain assets as part of their user retention and engagement strategies.”

Enjin also says it’s working on a way to distribute blockchain assets via QR codes, that we should see in the “near future.”


Melanie Kramer

Melanie Kramer is a freelance technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, writer and reporter based between France and Canada. Melanie has studied and retains an avid interest in, global politics, business, and economics.

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