Audi Signs a Partnership Deal With IOTA (MIOTA)

Tangle Mobility Use Cases Exploration Begins

Yesterday, July 25th, in Berlin, the IOTA Foundation started a one week Google Design Sprint with Audi’s Think Tank, Denkwerkstatt, to build a permissionless mobility ecosystem.

The Audi-IOTA Collaboration is Official

According to the official announcement published on IOTA’s official Medium channel, Tangle-based solutions will firstly be focused on building a low-level prototype and gather user’s feedback.

The IOTA Tangle is a type of DLT specially created for the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Its open-source protocol is facilitating Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interactions, including secure data transfer, fee-less real-time micropayments, and the compilation and dissemination of sensor-based and other types of data.

The Audi Denkwerkstatt team employs seven Audi’s specialists who have been given the task to support 15 collaborators working in all business sectors, levels and age groups in generating, validating and implementing ideas about premium mobility. The post further explains how Audi’s development team aims to establish business models independently or in cooperation with others during the six months time-frame.

The Possibilities are Endless

The new partnership with the famous car manufacturer is an excellent possibility for IOTA to be integrated into a new mobility solution with the help provided by Audi’s world-class experts.

“IOTA´s open source protocol is predestined to be an innovation accelerator for any kind of business ideas that rely on trust in data, scalable & safe machine to machine communication & transaction settlement,” declared the Head of Mobility and Automotive at the IOTA Foundation, Alisa Maas.

Both partners would benefit significantly from this collaboration, as well as the whole automotive industry, as the IOTA is building the IoT-based environment for inter-communicable transportation, mainly electric vehicles which can reach a new level of autonomy if the project succeeds.

Knowing that Volkswagen is the owner of the whole concern, of which Audi is a part of, the list of opportunities for the IOTA Foundation are almost endless and can propel the team into the elite of the rewarding automotive industry.

This way, the IOTA Foundation firmly established themselves as one of the leaders of mobilities research and the implementation of new technologies in the industry.

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