Catalonian Government Plans on Using Blockchain Technology

The plan is to get it done by the end of the year

Blockchain technology is going places, and now even governments are looking at using the technology to make processes better.

According to reports, the Generalitat de Catalunya, the official governmental institution of the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia, is planning to implement blockchain technology in its public administrative activities. The government confirmed the reports via a press release on Tuesday, July 24th.

What is the plan?

The press release talked about why the government intends to make use of blockchain tech.

As per the PR, the aim is to “improve digital services to the public and promote the potential of this technology between the Administration, companies and the citizen[s].”

Catalonia’s Department of Digital Policies will soon develop a method to incorporate blockchain technology into the system. The government plans to get it done by the end of the year, which only leaves the department with about five months to implement the tech.

The department appears to be working to create new talent in this field by educating people about blockchain and polishing people’s skills. Moreover, the department will also work on how the technology can be used to get the maximum possible benefits.  An interdepartmental committee will create a complete strategy.

The relationship between blockchain and governments

This is not the first time that any country is planning to use blockchain to improve administrative work. The US government already uses it to improve transparency. In fact, the technology is commonly used in Spain as well, just not in the government sector yet. Santander, the first bank to use blockchain for investor voting also has its headquarter in Spain.

Many other countries in Europe are also using blockchain now as governments, banks and businesses are integrating the technology in their industries. As we’ve seen, the way traditional business is done is starting to change under the impacts of blockchain. Also, many companies around the world have begun to file blockchain patents to safeguard their ideas and prevent theft or copycats.

The Catalonian venture into blockchain is proof that the technology has arrived and it is here to stay. It will not be too late before we start seeing the applications of this tech in our daily lives, from tracking our food and coffee to fingerprint payments.


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