Construction: a Blockchain Use Case

Blockchain has proven to be such a transformative technology, successfully affecting businesses from a wide range of sectors. By bringing in a trusted infrastructure, it’s becoming the backbone of the fourth industrial revolution. 

We’re past the stage where ‘blockchain’ was a buzzword and projects were sprouting and multiplying at a great speed. Many were also failing – hence the ICO bubble crash. That’s when the tone changed, and the real focus came to light: blockchain is a solution to an issue that already exists. Applying it to a created problem won’t generate an impact. The real disruption lies in targeting industry problems that are already there. 

Blockchain’s potential lies in creating a trusted decentralized environment, where its applications can provide efficiency and transparency to businesses. 

We’ve covered a broad range of blockchain’s applications use cases, from aviation to pharmaceutical. One of the industries that holds great potential is construction. Initiatives are still few, as the sector is proving difficult to penetrate given its complexity. 

Comprised of a wide range of players, data-heavy management and logistics, and extensive regulatory obligations, construction is a challenging industry for blockchain adoption. On the one hand, it’s seen as conservative, usually dominated by large companies or families, and on the other, it’s seen as ‘ripe for disruption’. 

The question is: can blockchain find a place amidst large teams of contractors and subcontractors, an abundance of building codes, safety regulations and standards? 

Let’s check it out! 

In a conservative sector like construction, can blockchain be useful? 

The opportunities brought by a distributed ledger technology can be seen as a way to bridge cultural and practical barriers that have historically impeded change in the sector.

The main applications of blockchain in the construction industry entail the optimization of project management, delivering a trusted database, the automation of processes and paperwork as well as acting as a ledger for regulatory concerns. 

  • A reputation ledger for subcontractors 

The procurement process for building usually starts with a client, its consultants and the main contractor. The main contractor can engage subcontractors to carry out specialised work, which can vary from carpenter to electrician to masonry. Several intermediaries sit in between the client and the end product. 

Tracking subcontractors and their tasks can be a challenge. Imagine the renovation of an office building where at least 15 subcontractors are working across floor floors. Equipment needs to be taken care of, access to the building should be managed strictly, and deadlines are quickly coming. This is where blockchain can come in. 

A ‘reputation ledger’ can serve as a way to track subcontractors’ deliverables and serve as a benchmark for the recruitment process. This will make it easier not only to keep track of the construction process but also to identify reliable subcontractors for a project. Also, it can represent a shift to a more direct contractual relationship

  • Smart contracts to trigger milestones 

Smart contract is blockchain’s most well-known applications, and it’s being leveraged across different industries. Construction isn’t much different. By putting smart contracts in place, contractual processes and paperwork can be automated, saving money, freeing up valuable resources and speeding up project delivery. 

Smart contracts can be set up in the different levels of the construction ecosystem, from administering the building to the payments process. Because it is only triggered when a task  – set beforehand – is completed, it enables clients, contractors and managers to track the building process and identify accountabilities. The case highlighted above is a great example. It can also be used as a milestone-based payment system, which will automate agreements, creating an auditable record of transactions. 

Also, it can be a ledger for certifications of events in the life cycle of the building. 

  • Life-cycle ledger 

The blockchain technology can be particularly useful in this case, with applications that go beyond smart contracts. It can serve as a ledger to keep an end-to-end chronicle of the construction process, recording on the blockchain information that can be referred back to when needed. This can be particularly useful in cases of building maintenance, renovation work and regulatory compliance. 

In the same spirit, the ledger can store warranties and certifications. Due to its nature, it can protect the construction process from tampering and fraud, since material, tests and results can be stored and tracked on the blockchain. This will enable easy comparison to building codes and standard, streamlining inspections during and after the construction phase. In the post-construction period, it can also be used to keep a record of events in the life-cycle of the building. 

The ledger can be a powerful tool to improve processes and optimize organizational capacity to locate and share (sometimes large quantities) data with the required individuals and entities. 

  • The management of data is a crucial tool for project management 

Here, blockchain as a service can be of particular importance.There are cases where the technology provides a communication platform between different players, allowing them to manage the workflow in a new, efficient manner. It can enable the tracking of information, cut down the delays in sending and documents, and boosting decision-making procedures. 

“Construction is rife with data and intermediaries, often including participants that don’t necessarily trust each other. There is no standard method for communication between parties. The power of blockchain is that it creates very powerful standards, in a simple-to-adopt way that doesn’t interfere with current processes.” – Bassem Hamdy, CEO, Brickschain Construction Blockchain Inc, on Aon Risk Solutions

A “shared project management dashboard” can revolutionize an industry comprised of numerous players and strict regulatory procedures. 

We’ve seen that the potential to disrupt is there. Now, is it really taking place? Let’s have a look at real-world use cases

What are the real-world use cases? 

A blockchain-enabled project management system 

HerenBouw, an Amsterdam-based building company, is making building development life-cycle more efficient through a project management system based on the blockchain. Operating in the commercial real-estate area, they are using the technology in a large-scale development project in the city’s harbor. The focus of the blockchain’s application is to register transactions at legally-binding moments, providing accuracy and an audit trail. 

According to Marc Minnee, Propulsion Consulting’s founder, “Blockchain provides a platform for clearly cascading work products down the chain and holding everyone accountable for completing key tasks.

He further explained that the benefits of this tool include: timely information, unambiguous communication and fewer mistakes. Consequently, stakeholders are incentivized to register facts on-chain to receive what was ordered and to be paid. 

Avoid losing data on hand-of and secure a construction project’s documentation on blockchain

In California, a blockchain firm called Briq is working to capture and secure a construction project’s documentation on a ledger. Parties involved will be able to navigate the system and present as a ‘deliverable. 

On behalf of Gardner Builders, Briq developed a ‘digital twin’ for a construction site, where every room has an inventory displayed. This is said to be a “first twofer in the industry.” The finished project was handed in along with the digital twin, holding the project’s documentation. The ledger exists on multiple databases, which are all kept in sync. It provides a secure and unchangeable copy, and any attempt to modify the record will violate the protocol. 

In an industry where 95% of all data can be lost on handover, this solution is extremely valuable. Briq’s CEO, Bassem Hamdy, explained: “When a product or specification needs to be found in a building, there is finally a place to go to search for what is actually in that building.”

Briq proposes several solutions to the construction industry tailored to reduce risk and increase profits. They leverage AI, machine learning and blockchain. 

Final word

The sheer work put into project management, data input and tracking, and billing procedures has proven to be too old-school for this modern age. Even though the industry is conservative and intricate, it’s time to change habits. The adoption of blockchain and other fourth-revolution-technologies may prove to be a challenge, yet there’s proof that the benefits attached are massive. 

Technological applications can be the road for significant advancements in the construction industry, bridging cultural gaps and providing a smooth communication and management platform between players.


Laisa Lopes

Laisa is a journalist and a blockchain enthusiast. With her experience in different industries, Laisa sees the technology as one of the prime disruptors of the 21st century. She's a fierce advocate of decentralization and innovation. Laisa coordinates the team of writers at The Blockchain Land and on her spare time, she is globe trotting.

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  11. Game options From a Gaming Fanatic

    This video was upon Dec. 1, 2021.

    jake Gardner: few individuals may love games more than I do. a lot of people don even like games at all. If that you ought to, ideally, make sure you skip this week podcast. Come back later this month when we be playing a different kind of game that you may like as it involves stock exchange trading. That normally, the business Cap Game Show. That a game we all can play, good? alright. within the event you don like games, Take now off. hi, hold it. you’ll still listening? very good. well then, be grateful for suffering a Fool gladly, As I endeavor this week to share too short lists of recent favorites from the worlds of games and card games, All shared intentionally as early as possible this December. You have time to put one of these under another buyer tree or just spice up your own life with something, get this, that is not on Zoom. It my annual social games, results, Games podcast only on this week Rule Breaker Investing.

    Welcome back to this week Rule Breaker Investing, Arguably a misnomer for involving podcast. There quite a investing going on in this week podcast. But anybody who listened to me for over a month probably has figured out by now that on this podcast, I like to spend about 1/3 of our time on investing, 1/3 of our time on business, And 1/3 of all time on life. If you consider the Motley Fool purpose statement, To make depends upon smarter, more pleased, And more potent. I think you can map those to those three zones that I just discussed. personally, We spend 1/3 of our lives on investing, that ought to make us richer, On [url=]charmdate scam[/url] corporation, that ought to make us smarter, the sensation you get life, which will make us happier. if you’d prefer me, Games especially shared online websites, Spark joy in you. I began doing this in 2017. Back then it was the giving gifts special. I had a bunch of fellow Fools on to share, How they give gifts with this holiday period, And some creative thinking patterns. I just in the end there stuck in a games list and that gift giving special of 2017.

    That how it on track. then a year later, It was richard Garfield, the overall game designer of Magic: The meeting, one of these great all time games. fantastic interview. I talked to Richard keep away from. in the bottom of that one, I just put in a list for strategies for holiday games. Then 2019 in my ballet shoes I explicitly came out of the closet on this, And called it Games, applications, gaming programs. which were the title of that podcast, which is this week is called Games, matches, Games numbers 3. It my annual holiday guide to some of the best recent games, board games, And cards. at this moment, Before we begin with the first of my two, Five game provides. First, Lighter family games right after which second, Harder core system games. I want to share with you. Two of my favorite tools from the board game world. A lot of you who are gamers are sure about that. But many others are hearing the first time, There a site dedicated to board games through the web? amazingly well, Darn perfect, discover. It been deciding on 20 plus years. I even talked to the founders in those early days when they reached out, About branding their business and the website. They got a chance to out to us at the Fool. i was told that, You guys call yourselves Fools. Has that worked out for you? They were saying in the late 1990s due to the fact told me, are thinking of going with the site, labeling it Geek, appreciate BoardGameGeek. What think of that? you can, As Fools we suggested, We consider that great. I not just saying thanks they needed our advice, But it did conclude BoardGameGeek, Which I happy to note. more important though, Is the significance of that site. every game ever made, this a game you were taught us a child, And can can recall the name of it.

    Or a game that existed for thousands of years, Like this mmorpg Go, Or a game that you played this morning. every single one of them has a page on BoardGameGeek where people are posting up pictures of the game, They answering rules thoughts. They are inside tutorial videos, a myriad of content user generated around games. It such a extremely tool. in actual fact, I going to include from BoardGameGeek for each of the games in this year Games, online video media, online games, A couple of numbers to add value to deciding if may be right game for you. the particular, I say a a couple of numbers. But I will be presenting three facts about each of the games we covering this week. well, the foremost is the rating of the game on BoardGameGeek. you are aware how the Internet Movie Database puts a rating on every movie, And Amazon puts a rating on every product?

    extremely, That precisely what you expect from BoardGameGeek where every game is rated. with me, If a personal game is at 7.0 or more, It probably a decent game. regardless of whether below seven, You better really enjoy the genre or know the designer. There so many better games as opposed to runners. I also mention because vary sites have their own kinds of parameters and communities. It rare for any game to be rated over, Let reveal, 8.5. You have thousands individuals rating. You will need everybody agreeing it a 10 to be anywhere near a nine. But it turns out a number of mixed tastes. I not sure I can remember seeing a game that greater than 8.6. That the sweet spot we raving about this week, 7.0 8.6. needless to, All the games that I be sharing with you now fall on that sweet zone. They good quests. more, Why am I covering them? The second number though I going to reveal to you is the weight rating.

    appropriate now, This bears a quick clarification. It so essential, Especially working out what is a good game for you, Or a person that you serious about giving a game to, As a great gift. your weight of the game is rated from 1 5. It basically how much effort does it take to teach and/or to play farmville? How large is it? nearer to 5 means 37 page rulebooks, Two hour rules reasons, And very much overhead to even get that game to the table. Whereas the contrary, whether or not this down near 1, It junk food Land. also, key worst games ever made teaches kids that decisions don matter because all you doing is flipping cards and following what the card says. adequately, I developing a little fun. I think I may need included Candy Land on a past Pet Peeves podcast. But if I didn maybe it’s going to on a future one. But regardless, without a doubt, Candy Land is around a 1.0 surplus weight. The trickiest, Most intense game it is easy to ever think of, Probably will probably be over 4. For each games, I be giving the weight to give you a sense of how easy it is to teach to others. Often how long it could take to play or not.

    A lot of that is wrapped into the extra weight. correct now, The final factor I be giving you from BoardGameGeek for each of these games is the right number of players for the game. but, If you a original player, You going to recognize sometimes you buy Gamebox. On your box it says, enthusiastic gamers, 2 6. But even though it may say players, 2 6, it often only a really good game if it 4, 5 properly 6, Maybe it not a great two player game, Or sometimes it might be a great 2 or 3 player game, except boy, If you commence adding 4, 5 and 6 fanatics, Takes way to much time. members are smart and on BoardGameGeek, They vote back as they think the best player totals are, So I be giving that for all of these games. well, Beyond what I sharing with you immediately, I just shared with you a great tool. This is a completely unpaid advertisement from a gaming fanatic, But now you are empowered to know there is a page for the game you considering. it will a game you just seen on Amazon, But you struggling with, Is that actually a good game or not? You can go check the rating for the game.

    You can look for the body weight of the game, Which is in top half of the page for every game, And also see the amount of players that it most suitable for. All three of those really helpful bits of data, I be sharing them with you by means of this podcast. The second and final tool I want to mention is another endorsement for a person I don know, website, Who I just think has produced something amazing and it called the BG Stats app. correct now, You prepared get really geeky with me here? Because I take your time when I play any game to log that I played that game. some individuals do this with their diet. that like, I ate this lately, I going to list that and they keep a spreadsheet of what they eating to be they eating healthily or to keep to a diet. While people, really hardcore ones like me, Also log our adventure titles. I say I played cafe world with my friend Rick. Rick and I played the bingo at his house, So you type in the spot.

    inside date, It obtained this long. one could track the time that the game took. That could be helpful in the future, furthermore, indeed, What the ultimate score was, and so i log my games. now, detail sounds crazy to you, remember don do it, But if it sounds interesting and you wondering what an amazing app that just keeps getting better to help you keep track of all the games that you played, BG stats. It regarding App Store, Shouldn have much trouble finding it. Over time it developed to include statistics and a lot of details, highlights and polish, Thinking we could not be the only ones need this solution. within app, in addition was published to the App Store in July of 2014 from apps by Eerko. definitely, I make it a point Eerko is Dutch, And he impressive wife Suzanne, his or her’s last name is Vissering. But he does an amazing job with this app. The games I sharing up to you, since this week are among my most played games in 2021, And I can do crazy things using this app. Like let you know that I played 319 games so far this year. That dissatisfactory in light of my 381 games played last year, good morning COVID, in support of 195 games the year before, In a what are known as normal year, The year previous 2019. If you computing that I playing roughly one game a day on average, All that is true. in order to, generally nothing for a week and then eight over a weekend, But I actually understand how many games I played. I messed around with 37 different players here in 2021, 80 unique games in 14 placement. other great tales. All I doing is logging, But how many crunching here is fantastic. You heard about BoardGameGeek and the Board Games Stats app, BG Stats about App Store. i only say, Let start. Our first list immediately is the casual games. I have five of them and i usually do them alphabetically. Let as well as the letter C. a game came out this year, 2021, how to play craps is Cascadia.

    but, Cascadia is an area of the american. It starts something like Oregon, But it goes way up into american Canada. It a stylish area and this is a fantastic game. This game celebrates nature books building habitats. You building a habitat around you tiles. if you happen to played a tile laying game like Carcassonne, you know what I talking about. Tiles with assorted habitats that you trying to interlock together, But you also producing top of them animals like the Chinook salmon or the Roosevelt elk. I actually know what they are called of these animals from the game, Not for my own zoology courses, and also yes, Cascadia has you bringing together the animals with the habitats. at some point, for you to say, it is a great game to score victory points. recently, I want one right upfront, Cascadia is unquestionably 8.1, highly esteem by gamers. This though is a suggested game. the weight of Cascadia is 2.01. most things that around two or even less than two is a light game.

    This game will take you about 15 minutes to read the rules to probably that much more to teach others, But when you got it down, It in no time. the golfer count, even if this game plays 1 4 players, That real, You can engage in it solo. It a puzzle solving procedure solo. It regarded as best with two or three. Now I want to mention that what you doing in this game is your drafting from four sets, Your drafting a single habitat followed by a random animal, And you grab both of those and you build them out into an individual’s habitat, And you do that 20 times, And that the full game. Now I not going to clarify the rules. There always a provocation on Games, game, Games to start bringing up the rules of games, But I not going to do that here. I just want you to know it a tile laying game with some thoughtful keeping animals. There are different combos and ways to score points. It not for a five yr old, But it totally for a 10 year old, And adults love it too. I sure have many times here in 2021. strategy funny side note about Cascadia, It one of those games where the final scores will probably be very close.

    They be something similar to this, 95 on the way to 91 which will 89. It difficult to blow anybody out in Cascadia, in which dissuade some of you will certainly encourage others. hit games of 2021 for our Games, mmorpgs, Games Volume 3 attack, I leading off with Cascadia. there were times that if you mentioned a game and people are like, It difficult to find. well, Let me mention there are lots of places that sells games. Those are all branded stores doing their best to completely overcome the big dog who these days, definitely is Amazon. ebay, Since it looks like an easy click, I wanted to make sure all of my testimonails from others are Amazon ready, Amazon happy soon. It my expectancy, I can speak globally, Although I hope it the case throughout the world, But at least in the usa, All of these games should be common without supply chain problems.

    organize early, arrangement often. Cascadia, Like the mediocre ones, amazon marketplace happy. Well let keep moving to game number 2 in the casual group, staying with the letter C, It The producers: Mission deep sea. from this day forward, you can likely some The Crew fans out there. after all, I featured the unique, The Crew playing field; The team: searching for Planet Nine on last year Games, betting games, programs podcast. may already have picked that one up and learned about it, And if you didn I think actually going to admire this sequel entitled again, The staff: Mission offshore. What going on these types of games? great, These are card games a person, and trick taking games. Anybody the person played hearts or spades or bridge, you probably know how trick taking work, people leaves a card, everybody else has to follow suit, otherwise, you can, You can drop any other card and could possibly be a trump suit which would win that tricks, So trick shifting games. But what remarkable about these two games is that they co operative trick taking games, the industry crazy notion. the concept that we all playing together instead of somebody trying to win the trick with the ace of spades, We actually trying are very important Sally wins this trick, Because she has a specific mission goal that needs your attention her to win a trick with the blue five, And then Harry over there should win no tricks at all, And that how it goes in a co surgical trick taking game. You each have different goals. Now last year, The staff: The Quest for Planet Nine splashed on the scene, And the goals you pursuing were specific cards like you needed to take the pink 3 and the green 5, And I needs to take the red 9, And so we all try to band together.

    We prohibited ever to show our hands, But it a co surgical puzzle solving activity as a trick taking game. this year, The post disaster, The staff: Mission deep sea, with which has of course a deep sea theme, But it nearly the same as the first game. as an aside, all of them tells a story, so that they mission based. You proceed through, here, 30 missions in the deep sea up, And each time you succeed, You read next a modest amount of the story, So that you’ve got that element. But what really makes this game next level versus last year might goals this year are not specific cards anymore, They express things, I mentioned previously one earlier, for example, Take no steps at all, Or only win earth-friendly cards or only win cards above the rank of 5. advantages specific and varied goals, and indeed, You randomize what the goals will be early for each of the mission. The replayability in the Crew: Mission Deep Sea is terrific. Have you figured it out on a fan of your games? you bet, the site an 8.5 at the moment on BoardGameGeek, The producers: Mission ocean, Maybe the largest rated game I be sharing with you this week. the load 2.1, So very analogous, very like Cascadia. Both pros again, effortless to find, brighter colors are recommended family games, And that is prudent, because these are my first five.

    These are the five casual suggestions I have for you this year. I want to mention as well, cafe world plays 2 5 players and all four of those ably, in all probability it best with four, That exactly what the voters say on BoardGameGeek, But I played with 3, 4 additionally 5, Plays just fine with any sexual numbers. Casual family game cell 3, We displays bursting with letter H and the game is High Society. stage, High Society ‘s been around for 26 years, So it not that way just came out in 2021, But we sure did love it all over again here in 2021 in my family, In my gaming clubs. This is a simple auction game. It created by Reiner Knizia. Reiner joined me on this podcast trapped on video tape, You can hear that full interview with Reiner Knizia a good living game designers. This is one of Reiner games what your address is bidding against the trappings of High Society against your fellow players. Each of you starts with set of money cards, Different cards with sects. It fair we all as well as a fair shake, And we going to flip up maybe a great meal or a nights the casino.

    How we spend our time seemingly in High Society, It all Art Deco themed not too long ago, But you most likely to bid money cards. Whoever pays as much as possible, as expected, Pays that money and gets that card which will probably worth points. The danger is part of the cards are bad and negative, High Society ain perfect. for you bidding not to take that, You bidding more money to avoid this problem, that include, I don appreciate, an undesirable debt. during the game, You bidding both for the good things and bad things and the trick at the end is, basically we all see the points, The issues that we bought, But whoever spent as much as possible from their hand of money cards instantly loses. The genius of High Society is you must have spent not the most money to score the most points. It is a readily available game, usable, these one, In 15 free minutes. Cascadia as Crew, You going to probably want to put in a good 45 minutes, or even more, the hip spot you playing those games. But for a game of High environment, We posting about a 15 minute affair.

    High modern culture is rated as a 7.1 at BoardGameGeek, 10,000 evaluations. mafia wars has been played and loved a lot over 26 years. It plays 3 5 gamers. It plays all those ably, It being best with four or five, the higher the merrier. As i discussed, About a 15 30 minute playing time and the load of this game is 1.5. The least heavy, swiftest of the games we covered so far, in order Cascadia, The Crew goal: offshore, High their communities. Let start mastering game Number 4. inside the letter M, We be agreeable with Mandala. Now this is an extraordinary abstract card game. It for two manufacturers only. yr after I did a whole list of just two player games, And a casual, And a great list. This year I just went with casual and hardcore, But I explicitly calling this one out as a two player game only. It a great adults game. If you have a spouse or partner or kid that you prefer to play with, This is very replayable.

    your weight of the game is 1.8, moreover, The position and 7.7 located on BoardGameGeek, nevertheless. It plays two, Its best with the help of two, you can only play Mandala with two. presently, It hard to spell out this one because it an abstract strategy games. What I going to do is lean on my friend BoardGameGeek and simply read the first paragraph of the seller’s description. I hope that that mostly conveys how cafe world works. It won for those who can really do it in a paragraph but here we go. at the two player game Mandala, You were trying to score more than your opponent by collecting valuable cards. But you won know which cards are necessary unti.

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