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The Swiss-based Fintech startup, Bloomio announced the launch of its equity crowdfunding platform, whose aim is to connect startups with investors.

What is Bloomio?

Max Lyadvinsky, Emile Osumba, and Alexey Raevsky founded Bloomio as a platform which supports startups in various stages of the development to find their way to the investors’ hearts but also helps investors make a sane decision where to invest their money, and trade startup stakes through a secure blockchain-based marketplace.

Furthermore, Bloomio provides startups with the expert, but independent due diligence, which can improve the quality of the product, and help direct the startup towards fulfilling investors’ expectations.

How does a Startup Crowdfund With Bloomio?

Every startup which wants to enhance its chances to raise funds needed for the development by getting listed on Bloomio platform needs to pass through Bloomio’s 3rd party due diligence.

Due diligence results provided by at least two experts are published on Bloomio’s website to help investors make the decision in accordance with the scoring system and purchase company’s tokens which are representing a percentage of startup’s equity.

If mentioned experts diverse in opinion, a third one is appointed to provide the most realistic overview of the project.

Bloomio’s Experts

Earlier in September, Bloomio has appointed a board of 10 independent experts specialized in various fields of technology, whose focus is to conduct rigorous research and provide an opinion of the potential strengths and scalability of startups applying to raise on the platform.


Among others, there is the Chief Legal Officer at Metahash, Maria Agranovskaya; Eduardo De Barros, Founder, and CEO of NeoFelis. They are accompanied by the Managing Director of August First Ventures, Andrew Graham; and Juliet Kasko, the Founder and CEO of Real Advisors.

CHF 1,4 Million Growth Capital in Bloomio’s Hands

According to, Bloomio’s seed capital crowdfunding campaign raised CHF1.4 million so far, but those who are still interested in investing in this interesting platform will be happy to know that the company is targeting a Series A Funding round later in 2018.

“We are pleased by the renewed trust in our project expressed by so many investors,” stated Max Lyadvinsky, CEO and co-founder of Bloomio.

“The interest of individual investors was so much higher than our target that we had to reject tickets below CHF50,000,” he explained.

Bloomio – The Winner of the 2017 IMD Startup Competition

While it still is a relatively young project, Bloomio’s quality was confirmed on December 14th, 2017, in Lausanne.

A committee of the Swiss Business School, CTI, Investiere, MassChallenge Switzerland, and VentureKick recognized the project as one of the most innovative Swiss Startups and awarded with a prestigious, 2017 IMD startup reward.

As a result, Bloomio had the chance to work with six IMD MBA students who supported the development of a go-to-market strategy.

Easy to Use, High Potential Platform

Bloomio has a very user-friendly interface for investors as well as startups.

Furthermore, by using a transparent and secure blockchain technology, it is a perfect platform for acquiring a share of the startup company which can generate revenue for the investor for years to come.

Their team of proven experts provides an extra level of security much needed for the entry-level investors, while Bloomio’s marketplace enables trading startup shares, making Bloomio all-in-one platform for investors with any level of experience.


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