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The Bountysource model: the answer to the lack of developer?

At Bountysource, the promise is simple: rather than spending days finding the right developer, companies simply have to post their code issues online before buying the most efficient solution. In addition to the traditional development, debugging and cybersecurity requests, Web3 development requests have been exploding in recent months.

Bountysource is more than a simple platform

More than a debugging platform, a community of open source experts

The buyout, in 2020 by The Blockchain Group, has brought together over 90,000 active users, making Bountysource one of the largest communities of open source developers in the world. The business model is both simple and highly effective. On one hand, the clients (the Donors) are companies that need development, debugging, or cybersecurity expertise. On the other hand, the developers (called Hunters) are experts who are passionate about solving Open Source challenges.

When a need appears, the client publishes it on Bountysource, via GitHub (a tool that allows to store and develop code). The Hunters then take over the problem and propose their high-quality solutions, which are validated by upstream Open Source communities.

For the customer, there is nothing left to do but to choose the winner and to buy his code. Only the chosen solution is paid out.

Among the benefits of this model, the substantial time saved must be emphasized, since it is no longer necessary to search for the right developer with the right expertise.  Another significant advantage lies in the added value provided by Open Source: preserving one’ s technological independence

Besides, we note that a growing number of Tech Leaders are turning to this economic model to gain efficiency.

Bountysource one of the largest communities of open source developers in the world.

Bountysource’s revolution is happening since the middle of 2021

In June 2021, Nicolas Le Herissier took over as Managing Director of Bountysource. His 24 years of experience brings a new vision and development strategy for the company.

With a new team and new well-defined goals, the company is determined to expand its scope beyond development and bug fixing issues.

For this reason, the Bountysource platform is getting a complete makeover, with a new website and a new back-office. The purpose is clear: make user satisfaction the absolute priority.

In just a few months, the numbers already speak for themselves: +40% traffic on the platform, an explosion in the number of bounties posted and an even faster processing time for requests.

“What makes Bountysource valuable is the simplicity by which companies can get a solution to their development issues thanks to the Github’s integration. I also like the transparency: everyone can see who is depositing money on the platform, how much etc.” Francesco Borzi – A Bountysource Hunter and Team leader.

Such changes are made possible by the active contribution of the community.

Growing demands for Web3 development, a major opportunity for Bountysource

Since the end of 2021, the number of Google searches for the term “web3” has exploded, reflecting the multiplication of projects that focus on this new digital era. However, these projects require specialized skills that are still rare on the market.

To cope with this shortage, companies have no choice but to adopt new ways of operating. And this is something Bountysource has fully understood!

Indeed, the synergy between Open Source and Web3 projects has naturally led the company to expand its business opportunities for both Donors and Hunters. Furthermore, The Blockchain Group, one of the European leaders in blockchain, enables Bountysource to strengthen its position on the topic.

The platform provides a concrete and efficient solution for any company developing a Web3 project: on Bountysource, resources are unlimited, thanks to the community of experts around the world.

This position is already supported by the growth of communities focused on Blockchain and Metaverse requests, which promises exciting new opportunities for Bountysource users.

Be part of the Revolution. Join Bountysource now!

Will you Drop a bounty or Hunt a Bounty ?

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