HealthBank is Improving the Healthcare Environment

Healthcare system is one of the foundations of modern society, and as such, it needs constant structural and technological improvement to keep up with the needs of the contemporary human being.

Probably led by that theory, the Swiss-based startup, founded in 2013, HealthBank, is presenting their project at the Blockchain Day in Paris, on October 10th.

The Healthcare Data Hub

The HealthBank’s official ICO website declares that they aim to become the leading health data hub for the 21st century and act as a game changer in the global health data market.

By offering providers, users and healthcare professionals a secure environment for all health-related data, HealthBank wants to improve the global healthcare industry.

The list of planned features for HealthBank’s platform is formidable, and encompasses everything from electronic health records via fitness data and ePrescriptions, to medical therapy plans and prevention recommendations, and much more.

The Blockchain Technology and Healthcare

The usage of the disrupting blockchain technology enables the HealthBank’s ecosystem to be owned by the people, controlled by the people and utilized to serve the people.

In short, HealthBank is people-owned health data exchange platform, providing a trusted, safe and secure ecosystem where users can collect health data from any source and in any format.

Users Control Their Own Medical Data

Since ownership of data on the HealthBank’s blockchain always stays with the user, no data will ever be onboarded, stored, processed or exchanged without the explicit consent of the user.

Providers will be able to request access to users’ data by offering a good reason and an adequate reward or payback. However, HealthBank emphasizes that user’s consent is the necessary prerequisite for the exchange and usage of the information.

Business Model

“HealthBank is built upon a B2B2C business model, providing data management services to healthcare providers (HCP) on behalf of their users,” states the project’s website.

In simple terms, HealthBank provides data storage, processing, and exchange services, for which they charge data licensing fees (user, storage or transaction related fees).

For pharma and research partners searching for health data, HealthBank provides a marketplace where these partners can present their need of data and ask users to exchange their data anonymized or pseudonymized for a fair reward, of which HealthBank will keep a small percentage (rake fees).

Crowdfunding Campaign

At the center of the HealthBank’ crowdfunding campaign is their ERC-20 standard HBE token, which will, upon the completion of the ICO, be tradeable on secondary markets.

It is noteworthy that he HBE token is a security token that holds financial equity rights of HealthBank cooperative.

That means that, contrary to the majority of ICO based startups, with HealthBank, every token holder has dividend rights.

Platform Cooperative as the Basis For Decentralization

Cooperatives are the closest thing to a genuinely decentralized business model, and, naturally, HealthBank is one such platform.

HealthBank claims:

  • “We are a cooperative: owned by the people, controlled by the people and serving the people.
  • We are an existing trusted, open, neutral and independent health data ecosystem provider.
  • We have a well-experienced senior team with expertise in technology, product management, eHealth, clinical research and regulation.
  • We do not only seek funding for a concept but for a proven business model.
  • We do not issue a simple coin but HealthBank cooperative equity as an asset and security token.
  • We do not promise astronomical profits but a realistic return on your investment.”

Therefore, if everything promised will be implemented into the system, we have a noticeably fresh, and potentially disrupting project to look forward to.

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